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What we do

Involve Gloucestershire sources exciting employee volunteering projects. Our approach to corporate volunteering ensures that your company can produce real results for your community partners while developing your people.

We provide a range of services from active volunteering days to skills based volunteering, from long term individual opportunities to helping you design & deliver your company’s volunteering strategy.

We design innovative projects directly with charities, social enterprises, local groups and statutory organisations who will really benefit from your wealth of knowledge and our expertise in leading corporate volunteering.


Volunteering experiences tailored to your needs

Whether you are looking to enhance your team’s communication skills, or you are planning an alternative away day for your colleagues or just want to find a way to use your skills to help others – we have a solution for you.

Some of our busiest corporate clients need a “full service” arrangement with all the details taken care of. Others just need an introduction to a charity with a need and are happy to take it from there. We understand these different approaches and work as flexibly as possible to accommodate everyone.

Contributing to the environment

Offering corporate challenges to your employees which involves outdoor work, conservation work and generally contributing to the improvement of our environment is a huge motivation for staff who spend most of their working hours indoors.

In the area of environment we have a wide range of actively sought after challenges allowing employees to benefit from working in a countryside environment and at the same time making an important contribution to the community.

Trustee brokerage

Nearly all charities have a “board of directors” known as “trustees” and welcome skilled and experienced people from business. Not only is there the satisfaction of helping a worthy cause, the exposure to all levels of a “business” helps widen perspectives and can develop the volunteer’s career.

Skills transfer

Employees  have a wealth of specialised skills which could be readily shared with organisations and individuals in need. For example, IT, Human Resources, Financial Advice, Accounting, Marketing etc..

Charities and their clients, on the other hand, are frequently in need of these skills, to assist them in dealing with challenges in the business or private environment often brought on by changes in legislation, for example.

This provides the ideal opportunity for employers to allow the ‘transfer of skills’ of their employees in a meaningful and rewarding way to the ultimate benefit of the community.


As distinct from the corporate environment, mentoring in the volunteering sector brings on a new dimension and can involve, amongst others:

* helping children through difficult life changes
* assisting in the preparation of a curriculum vitae
* preparing an individual for a job interview
* offering an element of corporate advice to complement the business planning process

With vast opportunities in this area the rewards are really meaningful.

Retirement planning

Retirement is a time of change. An opportunity to try something different and at the same time give something back to the community. Retirees have a lifetime of experiences to share and we provide them with the opportunities to make this happen. These opportunities may be in a group environment setting or on an individual basis. In sourcing the appropriate opportunities we are able to draw on the expertise of Volunteering Gloucestershire who have many years of matching volunteers with suitable challenges.

Employee supported volunteering in Gloucestershire

About us

In 2014, Volunteering Gloucestershire started receiving increasing requests from local businesses to find volunteering and charity projects for groups of employees.

Leveraging many years of experience finding individual volunteers for local charities and inspired by the success of Involve Swindon that launched in 2004 and has worked with over 120 organisations from the corporate, statutory and charitable sectors to enable over 3500 employees to give their time and skills to the community, Volunteering Gloucestershire launched Involve Gloucestershire.

Involve Gloucestershire is growing into a network of companies, statutory bodies and voluntary organisations working together to encourage  employers and employees to give their time and develop their skills through volunteering in the local community.

Join us and help us to make a difference!

Your impact

Our sponsors

We don’t charge volunteers for finding projects – our service is “free at the point of delivery”

Of course, some funding is needed to grow and maintain our service and this comes from sponsorship by larger corporates who recognise the wider benefits to the community of Employer Supported Volunteering.

If your organisation is looking for a great way to support the community, please ask us about sponsorship.

Current sponsors include:


Some of the many charity and corporate client organisations we work with…

Further Reading

Volunteering England guidance on Employer supported Volunteering for Employers and Charities


Email us at or ring 0300 3656700

Involve Gloucestershire
15 Royal Crescent
GL50 3DA

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