The Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce attended our launch back on 13th May and featured the event and our service in their latest newsletter.

The Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organisationĀ  run by a group of dedicated members with an eclectic mix of skills and expertise. The one thing that unites them isĀ their passion to make Cheltenham the place to do business in the Southwest.


Volunteering Gloucestershire, which is part of the well known charity, County Community Projects (CCP), has been established for many years and has extensive experience in bringing charities and volunteers together.

Cordell Ray, Chief Executive of CCP said : ” Employer Supported Volunteering can have a significant and positive impact upon communities and the people within them when organised in a responsible and co-ordinated way. That is why I am really excited about the potential of Involve Gloucestershire in assisting business, big and small, to align their employees volunteer offer to the range of community needs and causes across the county. We are uniquely placed to understand community needs, to broker the right business to provide support and crucially to map the activity and demonstrate the overall impact. Even better if we can demonstrate a return on the investment and provide a legacy from our collective involvement towards a better society.”

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