A team from TSB recently battled the elements to help with the organic gardening at a farm project supporting people with special needs. The weather and morale quickly improved and later described the day as a “big success”

Talking about the process with Involve Gloucestershire, Stu from TSB Barnwood said “It was nothing but positive. Initial responses to requests were timely and polite. I felt like I was supported every step of the way by yourself – more than happy to recommend you to the other teams in the TSB Barnwood office when they are looking to organise their own volunteering days.”

“The challenge indeed met expectations; what was especially nice/refreshing was the level of support from the park staff and the opportunity to carry out numerous tasks rather than just one (which can get a bit boring/repetitive when it’s gardening).

The team – once dry – were extremely positive about the day. Everyone found the staff really friendly and knowledgeable about the process of growing ‘organic’ produce. Tasks were tailored on the day to accommodate those less able to carry out labour intensive work (heavy lifting, constant digging/bending over), and also flexibility shown following the large amount of rain (harvesting in the greenhouse was favoured over dock digging in the fields due to mud).

A special shout-out to Miriam (Garden manager) who co-ordinated the whole day and made us feel extremely welcome, and to Sparrow (apprentice) who assisted and led many different tasks.

Ps I am hopeful to promote the day we had at the park to the rest of the office (and bank) in some way. I may ask yourself/Miriam for a quote in the next week or so to go on a newsletter/news item on the TSB intranet.”