Developing your people

Developing your people

polaroids-600Volunteering isn’t just about ‘giving something back’. It is widely accepted that volunteering develops personal and professional skills that are brought back to the workplace. Research carried out by YouGov[1]. surveyed employees and their managers to understand current attitudes to skills development from volunteering. They found that almost all managers (96%) believe that workplace skills can be gained from volunteering.

Employees also agreed that they developed skills that helped them in their work including self confidence, team work, communication skills, using initiative and leadership skills. Further surveys[2] have shown that volunteers report increases in leadership, communication, and teamwork skills of between 65 and 80%.

Soft skills that volunteering can awaken in your employees include

polaroids-4– Adaptability

– Analytical skills

– Coaching

– Communication

– Creativity

p1– Decision making

– Environmental and financial awareness

– Leadership

– Listening Skills

– Problem solving

– Project and time management

– Strategic thinking

[1] Volunteering is the Business,  2010 YouGov.

[2] More than CV points? The Benefits of Employee Volunteering for Business and Individuals The Social Market Foundation, March 2010

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