EDF ‘race’ to the rescue!

Thanks to Involve Gloucestershire and EDF Energy, Tom Roberts Adventure Centre are now ‘on track’ to open a new activity for the young people they support. Involve Gloucestershire were approached by EDF to support them in finding an opportunity for them to get involved in the community. Having had conversations with staff from Tom Roberts, Involve was happy to make the connection between them knowing that EDF and the Centre would benefit greatly from the partnership.

Des Jackson (Vice chairmen of trustees) gave a few words from him and the team:

‘It was very exciting when we received an email from Daniel and the team from Involve Gloucestershire to say that they had a group of about 20 to 25 volunteers from EDF who were looking for a large project to undertake. This was perfect timing as we had been planning to build a track for our recently acquired peddle go carts. We knew it would be a hit with the children and young people who visit us as they cannot not stop riding them up and down our access drive. Unfortunately not the safest of activities with vehicle arriving and leaving the site.

We forwarded our proposal to the EDF team and were delighted when they accepted the challenge. After an on site planning meeting a date was fixed and we waited in anticipation. I normally head up a team of 6 or 7 volunteer’s (retired with ages ranging from 63 to 85) so it was really great when the team of young enthusiastic helpers arrived, only trouble was keeping with them! They quickly grasped the task and in no time at all the track started to take shape. It would have taken us months to achieve this at our normal rate of progress it had taken us over a year to fill some 750 sand bags ready to start to form the edges of the track. The team filled the remaining 250 bags in a couple of hours.

This activity is already getting a great deal of interest from the youngster’s who follow our Facebook page and website. We just can’t thank the team and EDF enough for the tremendous boost which you have given us with this project.

I know there is a great demand for volunteers amongst the various charitable organisations around the county but it would be great to see another (or same) group again sometime in the future we always have a project either on the go or at the planning stage.

Once again a thank you on behalf of all the future users of the track.’

EDF Energy also had positive feedback about the successful volunteer day, Matthew Little from EDF Energy who volunteered on the day said some kind words:

‘We took a team of 20 or so to TRAC to help build a go kart track for future groups to enjoy. The day was incredibly successful as we were able to complete the track ready to be finally rolled and used in the near future and even managed to squeeze in a bit of football and rounders using the great facilities available at TRAC. The site is beautiful and offers a great range of activities. The TRAC team have worked tremendously hard to create a warm and welcoming environment which can cater to the needs of many and all at low prices. We would strongly encourage other volunteers to give your time and efforts to this good cause and encourage groups looking to get away for fun and adventure to consider TRAC as a potential choice of venue. Thank you for all the hard work and oversight from Mike, Des and the rest of the team which made the day possible. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope EDF can continue to work with TRAC in the future.’